cop crtrimmedGeorge Kennedy parade




    1943 - 2012




From a young age George was ingrained in his Irish heritage through the fierce Irish allegiance of his father and his extended family. Not to mention that he could not escape the distinction made from the bright red hair atop his awkwardly tall, thin body and his bright aqua blue eyes.

Over the years many St Patrick’s Day celebrations were spent with family at Slovenian Hall, Elks Lodge, Driscoll’s and Conville’s Pub, in the St Patrick’s Day parades and various family “parlors”.  George’s love for the “pipes” (and Tullamore Dew) were born of gatherings at the McMahon’s (long-time family friends).

So it was no surprise in 2000 when he answered the call to start the first Colorado chapter of the Emerald Society… and the chance to form its own pipe band.  George and Danny Veith envisioned an organization that would pull together all branches of public service to share their Irish pride.

Much of the success of the Colorado Emerald Society is due to George’s passion and commitment. He personally took the time to engage every member. Never afraid of hard work, his unique gift of blending “business” and pleasure helped to encourage members to volunteer and get involved. And he made sure they knew their efforts were well appreciated. George’s enthusiasm was palpable to everyone he met.

George had an exciting, full career as a Denver Police officer for 33 years.  But you didn’t hear much about it from George.  The true treasures of his life were his family and his many friends.  He was very proud of the Colorado Emerald Society and especially fond of the Colorado Emerald Society Pipes and Drums.  He was quite happy to leave the latter as part of his legacy.  The CES Pipe Band gathered to play a makeshift concert for George just weeks before he passed.  Let’s just say there was a lot of LOVE in that park that day.


His laugh was hearty...

His hand-shake firm...

His conversations memorable...

His presence formidable...

His friendship unforgettable!