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The first “Emerald Society” was started in 1953 by the New York Police Department.  Three years later, in 1956, members of the New York City Fire Department started the first Fire Emerald Society.  The ancient Celtic tradition, to play the pipes at a fallen comrades funeral, was brought over by the Irish to police and fire departments.  As such, the NYPD Emerald Society started the first police pipe band in 1960, followed by the FDNY pipe band in 1962.  Over Fifty Emerald Societies exist in the United States today.



The Colorado Emerald Society was formed to help foster the Irish heritage and traditions within public safety agencies, to promote and preserve the accomplishments the Irish have made to law enforcement and fire service.  The Colorado Emerald Society is a social organization of men and women of public safety who are dedicated to their country and committed to the protection of our citizens .  Our goals include sponsoring bagpipers who represent the State of Colorado at the National Peace Officers Memorial March and Service in Washington D. C., and the International Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service in Colorado Springs, as well as leading the Colorado Emerald Society in Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


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The Colorado Emerald Society logo symbolizes our Society’s great heritage.  The sword represents a peace officer and fire fighter’s commitment to protect and serve our citizens.  In Ireland a dog, depicted on the red ring, is a symbol of protection as well.  The sword’s hilt and tang, fused into a Celtic cross, inspires faith and fortitude in our dangerous professions.  The Celtic knot illustrates police officers and fire fighters working together to accomplish these goals.  The green shamrock and gold harp are universal emblems of Ireland.  The color red appears for the fire service; the color blue for law enforcement.  The blue, red and gold are the prominent colors of Colorado’s state flag.


*Any person or organization interested in using our LOGO must send a written request to the Colorado Emerald Society Board members providing details regarding your intentions for the use of the logo.  CES, PO Box 40211, Denver, Colorado 80204.